Document Translation Services

Urbon Translations' quality and project management system ensures your project will be completed efficiently and cost-effectively. We begin by analyzing your document to understand it at the deepest level so we can assign it to our linguist professionals according to their specialty and your needs. We can translate any type of document, including these popular categories: business, marketing, legal, medical and technical.

Urbon Translations provides interpreter services which helps in understanding communication in settings such as medical, legal, educational etc. Are you planning a seminar, conference or hosting a business meeting and require interpretation services? Simultaneous Interpreting is the perfect fit for your event.

Interpreter Services

Localization Services

Cross cultural marketing is essential in today's global world. When product or service has the potential to be sold overseas, it is a given that business will have to localize their marketing and promotional materials. Successful cross cultural marketing involves taking into consideration the cultural differences, the customs and the colloquialism of your target audience. At URBON Translations we have the expertise necessary to offer a comprehensive cross cultural marketing services.